Monetisation Services Near Me

Monetising Your Online Assets
Got a website, CRM database or Facebook Group already in place but looking for help in generating additional income? Our Hot Dog Solutions team can help you to monetise your online assets.


Whether you’re looking to sell advertising space on your existing website, or to monetise your emails or group. Hot Dog Solutions can help. We will get you setup on the affiliate network, reach out to advertising partners, do market and competitor analysis and build out rate cards, and a plan to deliver results.


We can reach out to other brands on your behalf, as we do in the affiliate space; for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

I’m a retailer and I don’t want to advertising all over my website

There are pros and cons to all advertising partnerships. Particularly online. The more noise you have on site, the more difficult it can be to get customers to convert.

At Hot Dog Solutions, we’ve been where you are. For us, it’s about maximising your return for all your online channels while not damaging your ecommerce conversion and email open rates. There are multiple ways to approach this, without damaging your ecommerce operation.