Transforming ROI with CPA by SKU: The Julian Charles Home Success Story

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For many years, Hot Dog Solutions and Incubeta have collaborated to drive success for Julian Charles Home. At the heart of this achievement is an innovative strategy devised by Mal Simons, the founder of Hot Dog Solutions, which maximises return on investment (ROI) through a model known as CPA by SKU.

Innovative Commercial Model

Understanding the critical nuances of Julian Charles Home’s business, Hot Dog Solutions, in close collaboration with Incubeta and Julian Charles, developed a groundbreaking commercial model. This model dynamically sets the commission percentage at a product level, ensuring that the focus remains on promoting the products most important to Julian Charles. Factors such as stock levels, margins, and bestsellers are continuously analysed to determine the optimal commission percentage.

Dynamic Campaign Management

To maintain agility amidst constantly fluctuating factors, a robust technical setup was implemented. This system allows campaigns to reflect real-time changes, ensuring that efforts are always aligned with current business priorities. By integrating product-level CPA into all relevant tags, Hot Dog Solutions can consistently optimise towards the correct commission level within their systems.

Optimised Product Feeds

Moreover, by incorporating these product-level CPAs into product feeds, the team can segment campaigns by CPA. This segmentation ensures that higher-priority products receive the attention they deserve, driving the growth that Julian Charles seeks.

Seamless Adjustments

One of the key benefits of this approach is the automatic movement of products between campaigns based on CPA changes. As product CPAs fluctuate, campaigns adapt seamlessly, with budgets and ROAS targets being set accordingly. This dynamic adjustment capability ensures that marketing efforts are always optimised for maximum impact.

Award-Winning Strategy

Our innovative work has not gone unnoticed. In 2024, our efforts were Highly Commended at the Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs), highlighting the effectiveness and creativity of our approach.


The collaborative efforts of Hot Dog Solutions and Incubeta have led to a highly efficient and effective marketing strategy for Julian Charles Home. By focusing on CPA by SKU, the teams have been able to dynamically promote critical products, ensuring sustained growth and success. This innovative approach exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge marketing techniques.