Channel Optimisation

Channel Optimisation Services Near me

On-Site Optimisation

As a results based business like yourself; Hot Dog Solutions is focused on getting the most from every single visitor to your website.

The internet, like all marketing channels is a percentages game. An improvement in your ecommerce conversion (the percentage of people who visit and transact), can make all the difference between success and failure.

Ultimately, you may have spent money to drive a potential customer to the site to transact; therefore, we should do everything we can to convert them to spend money.

This may include our light touch, overlay messaging to encourage conversions; or a data capture option to grab the user’s attention / get enough information in which to follow up through CRM or related channels. Or we may come up with different recommendations, that we can implement on your behalf, or hand over to your preferred development agency.

With the internet, everything is measurable. We will work on your behalf to maximise your return from your investment in each and every customer through a programme of quick wins, and ongoing improvements.


Traffic and Sales Generation

You can have the best website in the world, but if you don’t drive traffic to your site, then no one will know about how awesome you are!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Starting with a FREE audit, we will help you to get your site ranking well on Google.

PR services

Every client has different business objectives, audiences and opportunities. We use a series of techniques that help us identify what needs to be done to achieve your business targets. Increasingly important is getting under the skin of your target audiences, what motivates them, what needs you are addressing and finally, how and where to reach them in an actionable and measurable way.

Paid Search and Paid Social Media

We can boost your profile online, generate new traffic and sales in a cost effective / results driven manner. Working in conjunction with yourselves or on your behalf, we can target consumers in a variety of ways. Unlike other agencies, we do not earn additional commission on traditional Google Shopping, Pay Per Click and Paid Social campaigns (unless working on a pay on results basis).


We know how to appeal to customers. We know how to build programmes; we can help you associate point values with products and plan out both redemptions and establish your overall proposition.

Influencer Marketing

We have access to thousands of influencers in multiple countries who can tell their audience to support your business. We can match your brief to influencers and present you with options to amplify your key brand messages and influence customer behaviour. We can manage your campaign in-house, and report on all activity.