Paid Search and Paid Social Media

Paid Search and Paid Services near me

At Hot Dog Solutions, we have managed paid traffic for start-ups, comparison sites, and £100m+ retailers spending millions online. We can help you to target the right people, at the right time, and get the most out of every penny / cent spent online.

Paid Search will let you boost your profile online. Generate new traffic and sales in a cost effective / results driven manner. The Hot Dog team will work with key business stakeholders to create campaigns based on your business objectives.

We will setup, maintain and report on multiple campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

No Commission on Media Spend

Our big USP as an agency is that we do not charge commission on your media spend.

Others in our industry think we’re mad – as the average agency makes most of its money out of convincing you to spend money online, and then taking 15-30% of your media spend as a commission.

At Hot Dog Solutions, we take 0% commission from you – we’d rather spend 100% of the money that you provide to us to advertise on Google and elsewhere; in order to get the best result.

Among our larger clients, this has resulted in Hot Dog Solutions, saving them over £100K a year on media that was then reinvested into marketing.

Our philosophy is that you have already hired us, and we’d rather take a much lower margin than other agencies; and build a long-term relationship, so we can work with our clients for years.

At a Glance:

• Keyword Research

• Display Advertising

• Dynamic Text Ads

• Targeted Audiences

• Google Shopping

• Google Merchant Center & Promotion Management

• Google Business Places

• Geo Targeted Campaigns