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Email CRM and Newsletters

With decades of experience crafting high performing, regular communications to millions of people in the UK and beyond, Hot Dog Solutions can help you to both build your audience, and to get the most out of your email database through a mixture of regular newsletters and automated communications.

Acting in a fully GDPR compliant manner, Hot Dog Solutions will help you create automated communications programmes, whether that be for new customers, customers who take a particular action or those at risk of leaving you. Within the team we have experience in subscription services, education and learning and tailored communications.

Automated Communications
Conversion Funnels & Optimisation
Multi-Brand / Multi-Region

Measures of Success

Every client and every industry are different; however, we benchmark our performance against our client’s industry along with any previous email performance.

We regularly test different email creatives, subject lines and call to actions in order to maximise performance; working with our client to ensure we get the best response possible from their email sends. Our Open rates vary from 28% to 71%, depending on the strength of the database and how these emails were acquired.

Help Where it’s Needed

For your business, as is the case with all our clients, Hot Dog Solutions can provide as much or as little support as you like in your day-to-day CRM.

Whether you just want us to assist by casting an eye over your existing operation; or you’d like us to plan out for your approval, email themes, design in-house and report back on success; we’re here to help you to get the most out your CRM online.

Integrated Campaigns

Through our Text Message and Multimedia partners, we can provide an integrated CRM solution across multiple channels including SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, What’s App and email. Although, despite the growth of new media channels; email remains the customer’s most popular channel for receiving updates whenever they’re polled.