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Results Driven Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are a great way to grow your business on a pay on results basis, with 1,000s of sites available to push key messages. At Hot Dog Solutions, we have extensive experience establishing and growing affiliate sales for our clients, delivering on average a 20x return on investment for our retail clients.

From our experience, Affiliates should generate anything from 10% to 70% incremental sales for an online business. For some of our affiliate only clients, we generate more sales for them through affiliates, each week, than they currently see through PPC (although this will vary from account to account – particularly if we are managing PPC as well for you).

In a Nutshell

Our Hot Dog team will source and build up a network of relevant affiliate partners for your ongoing promotions and activity. Each affiliate is vetted in advance to ensure that they meet your brand expectations.

We will actively engage and communicate with the affiliates on your behalf to ensure the best possible coverage across our networks.

We work in territories all over the world and can operate in multiple languages and currencies.

We will report back on performance on a weekly basis, and can provide creative design services for display advertising, through the network on request.
Basically, it’s like creating a club of likeminded brands / websites, that will support and sell your products. They get rewarded when they sell something.