Hot Dog Solutions Teams Up with Docode to Craft an Inspiring Digital Experience

At Hot Dog Solutions we’re excited to announce a significant milestone: the launch of Docode’s new website! This project represents the culmination of a collaborative journey with Docode, a leader in children’s coding education, and we couldn’t be prouder of the result. Together, we’ve crafted a digital platform that not only stands out visually but … Read more

Hot Dog Solutions Joins Forces with Air For Life for a Fresh Wave in Digital Marketing

We’re thrilled to announce an exhilarating collaboration – Hot Dog Solutions is partnering with Air For Life! 🥳 This partnership shines a spotlight on an essential cause: clean air. Air For Life is dedicated to purifying the air we breathe through their innovative air purifiers and masks. Why are we so excited about this? Air … Read more

Introducing the Latest Pay-on-Results SEO Service by Hot Dog Solutions: Transforming the Agency Model

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall At Hot Dog Solutions, our mission is to redefine the traditional agency model, which is often rewarded on spend rather than results. Having worked with a diverse range of brands and start-ups from all corners of the globe, including the UK, Canada, … Read more

My Dog Trainer Pro Selects Hot Dog Solutions

We’re thrilled to share that Hot Dog Solutions has recently teamed up with My Dog Trainer Pro, a highly regarded dog training service based in North London. My Dog Trainer Pro is led by Joe Clarke, a distinguished dog trainer and behaviourist. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Joe’s approach to dog … Read more

The Art of Generational Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide by Hot Dog Solutions

In the diverse world of marketing, understanding your audience is paramount. One often overlooked aspect is generational differences. Each generation has unique characteristics, preferences, and behaviours that can significantly impact your marketing strategies. Here at Hot Dog Solutions, we’ve broken down how to effectively target each generation. The Silent Generation (Born 1928-1945) This generation values … Read more

Maximising Sales with Comparison Shopping Partners: The Advantages of Collaborating with Shopping Affiliates

At Hot Dog Solutions, we’re not just another digital agency. We have decades of experience in both ecommerce and retail more generally. We also understand the power of partnerships. One such partnership that has proven to be beneficial is with comparison shopping partners (CSS Partners). But what exactly are CSS Partners and why should you … Read more




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