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Keeping Customers For Longer

We spend all this time, effort, money, blood, sweat and tears in acquiring customers; yet so many brands allow customers to leave them without following up.

At Hot Dog Solutions, we’re here to help – our team includes retention and reactivation specialists, focused on both reducing the people leaving you, and getting those customers who have cancelled, back into the business.


Through over a decade of working on subscription services in the entertainment sector, our key directors have extensive experience in keeping customers engaged with businesses.

While each business is, of course, very different – at Hot Dog Solutions, we can help to map out and improve your customer experience, and provide recommendations (and possibly implement), to get your subscribers to stay with you for longer.


Before starting Hot Dog Solutions, senior members of our team created or worked on multiple loyalty clubs for both entertainment and corporate clients, two of which grew to include millions of members. We’ve also worked in partnership with the majority of the major loyalty clubs both in the UK, EU and USA.

We know how to appeal to customers. We know how to build programmes; we can help you associate point values with products and plan out both redemptions and establish your overall proposition.

Existing Loyalty Club?

We don’t have to build from scratch. If you already have an existing club, we can assist in optimising this, and building out a full programme of rewards and offers that maximise consumption with yourselves.

Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat through what you’re looking to achieve, we’re sure we can help you achieve your goals