The Ultimate Black Friday eCommerce Strategy Guide

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Black Friday is no longer just a day, it’s a season. Brands that extend their Black Friday
activity over several weeks rather than condensing it to a single weekend are likely to
outperform those that don’t. With many of your competitors running promotions throughout
November, it’s essential to compete for your audience and build anticipation leading up to the
big day

Start Early and Generate Excitement

A dedicated mailing list can be a powerful tool in your Black Friday arsenal. Leverage social
media platforms to capture data from interested customers and create a buzz around your
upcoming deals.

Reward Loyalty with Early Access

Rewarding loyal customers with early access to your sales not only makes them feel valued
but can also help reduce email opt-outs. Make being on your mailing list beneficial to your

Steady as She Goes

While it’s important to have a core range of deals that will be live throughout the event,
consider staggering other sales and discounts. Introducing new deals keeps customers
engaged and talking about your brand.

Adapt and Overcome

If a certain part of your Black Friday strategy isn’t delivering, don’t be afraid to change it.
Focus on what’s working and revamp the underperforming elements. Remember, you don’t
want to lose the entire season because of one misstep.

Optimise Your Website

Cut down the number of clicks to checkout wherever possible. A simplified checkout process
equals higher conversion rates. These changes, while made for Black Friday, can prove
beneficial all year round.

Don’t Neglect Mobile

Roughly 70% of visitors on Black Friday, like any other day, will be accessing your site via a
mobile device. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, quick to load and easy to navigate.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Concerned about your website’s availability during this peak traffic period? Prepare a landing
page with data capture functionality to switch to if needed. This can help explain the situation
to customers and collect their details.

Be Clear About Returns

Ensure you have a clear and fair returns policy in place well before the event begins.
Customers appreciate transparency, especially when it comes to potential returns.

Monitor Everything

Once the sale is over, take the time to analyse your results. Identify what worked and what
didn’t. Document these insights while they’re fresh in your mind. You’ll thank yourself next
year when planning for Black Friday rolls around again.

Remember, hope for the best but always plan for the worst. With these tips, you’re well on
your way to a successful Black Friday season!