UI / UX Design

UI / UX Design Services Near Me

A real growth area of Hot Dog Solutions has been the growth in UI / UX design projects over the past few years. We create outstanding and effective User Interfaces and Designs for both websites and apps for businesses of all sizes.

Historically we have acted as the design team for agency partners, however we are increasingly taking on design work for our direct clients.

We start by having a chat with you and your team. We talk about your key objectives, any brand requirements and then map out multiple customer journeys. If you are looking for a re-design of an existing site, we factor in the platform that we are designing for, and any restrictions that may be in place.

We then produce wireframes, before moving on to some initial designs for your approval.

Once happy, we then work to mockup every page for either your development team, or our own; and then assist in the implementation / ensuring that our designs are replicated exactly.

Our UI / UX Design work tends to be split between new propositions, relaunches to existing websites and apps; as well as tied in with ecommerce optimisation work to improve sales.

We work on UI / UX Design work for:

  • New propositions
  • Existing Websites and Apps
  • ecommerce Optimisation Services