A Comparison of Affiliate Networks: AWIN vs. Webgains

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If you’re looking to monetise your website or blog, affiliate marketing is an effective way to do so. Choosing the right affiliate network can be a difficult decision, as there are many different networks available. Two popular choices are AWIN and Webgains; let’s compare each one and determine which one is best for you.


AWIN (formerly known as Affiliate Window) is a reliable and well-established affiliate network with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. AWIN has a vast network of merchants with over 15,000 active advertisers across all sectors. This means that you have access to a wide variety of products and services, giving you more options when it comes to finding the right ones for your audience. In addition, AWIN pays out quickly and reliably, making it easy to get paid on time.

AWIN has excellent coverage across the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe; much of the world in fact, when it comes to straight forward ecommerce; however capabilities for things like lead generation may vary according to territory.


Webgains is another popular choice among affiliate networks. It boasts a network of over 5,000 merchants from around the world, giving you access to plenty of products and services to promote on your website or blog. Effectively opening you up to most of the biggest affiliate channels all over the world.  

The platform also offers tools such as automated tracking and reporting as well as exclusive deals and discounts for affiliates who sign up through Webgains.

At the end of the day, there isn’t one “right” choice when it comes to choosing an affiliate network – it all depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both AWIN and Webgains offer great features that make them attractive options for affiliates looking to monetize their websites or blogs with affiliate marketing. So take some time to research both networks in order to find out which one is better suited for you! Regardless of which network you choose, you can be sure that both will provide you with the resources necessary to help succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. Good luck!