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We’re thrilled to share that Hot Dog Solutions has recently teamed up with My Dog Trainer Pro, a highly regarded dog training service based in North London.

My Dog Trainer Pro is led by Joe Clarke, a distinguished dog trainer and behaviourist. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Joe’s approach to dog training is both innovative and effective. 

Today, Joe uses positive reinforcement techniques to help pet owners develop lasting bonds with their dogs while effectively addressing behavioural issues.

The services offered by My Dog Trainer Pro are comprehensive and cater to a variety of needs. From puppy set-up and socialisation classes to managing complex behavioural issues like separation anxiety and aggression, they’ve got you covered. They also provide legal advice and remote training sessions, ensuring that every pet and pet owner’s unique needs are met.

Here at Hot Dog Solutions, we had the pleasure of working with Joe to create the My Dog Trainer Pro website. You can check it out here.

Testimonials from satisfied customers on the website attest to the effectiveness of Joe’s training programs. One client shared, “Joe, a big huge thanks for all your help and support to us both at puppy classes and at home. Your knowledge is amazing, the way you know dogs (and puppy parents) and how they behave is incredible, you’re a modern-day Dr Doolittle for dogs.”

If you’re looking for professional dog training services, we highly recommend contacting Joe Clarke at My Dog Trainer Pro. After all, your dog is woof it. #HotDogSolutions #MyDogTrainerPro #Partnership